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On top of his duties as a minister, Dr Francis Macnab is an internationally renowned public speaker, has published more than 25 books and is the founding Executive Director of the Cairnmillar Institute - a unique centre in Australia for the psychological treatment and prevention of emotional and psychological difficulties.

When Dr Macnab began his ministry, the congregation totalled about 100 people. Today, St Michael's is one of the largest city congregations in Australia.


  • Member of the Order of Australia recognised for his contribution to religion and psychotherapy;
  • Awarded the Sir James Darling Medal for outstanding contribution to education (1995);
  • Awarded PSI CHI Certificate of the National Honor Society in Psychology of the American Psychological Association.

Short Biography

  • Executive Minister of St Michael's (1971-present);
  • Founder and Director of the Cairnmillar Institute which provides specialist psychological treatment services and training (1961-present);
  • Co-founder of the Australian Foundation for Aftermath Reactions, a foundation concerned with the treatment of people who suffer long-term aftermath reactions to severe trauma (1990-present);
  • President International CI Psychologists (1982-1983);
  • Visiting guest lecturer psychotherapy and human relations in many overseas countries, including America, Britain, Japan, Taiwan, New Zealand, Turkey and Germany;
  • Appointed by the World Council of Churches to lead two conferences for 13 nations and islands off the Pacific on marriage and the family;
  • The Jesus Seminar Order of Merit - honour clergy and lay leaders who have pioneered new forms of faith (2003);
  • Fellow of the Jesus Seminar;
  • Author of 25 books, three of which have been translated into foreign languages.

...To the University of Aberdeen.

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Government and Churches should honour the wishes of terminally ill who wish to die.

The majority of Australians believe in dying with dignity. In fact 80 % agree that those with a terminal illness should have a right to obtain medical assistance to end their life free of suffering and agony.

St Michael's Executive Minister Dr Francis Macnab believes it is compassionate to let those who suffer to choose to free themselves of pain

He and other high profile speakers joined supporters of Dying With Dignity Victoria on the steps of Parliament House in Melbourne for the annual Steve Guest Day rally on Tuesday 21 April.

DWDV, is an active law reform ‘self help' organisation that fights for a progressive Victoria where people with terminal illness have the right to choose - to die with dignity.

If you are one of the many Australians who believe dying with dignity is vital and would like people to have the right to choice or would like to know more, please visit: http://www.dwdv.org.au

If you've thought about how you'd like to die, tell us.

Read what Dr Macnab had to say to the World Federation of Right to Die Societies Conference on 10 October 2010. Click here.

A personal experience. http://www.theage.com.au/national/a-wish-before-dying-20100924-15qo9.html

Dr Macnab